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Teeth whitening

It manages to reduce the color of your teeth by several shades, leaving them whiter and brighter. It is done through the use of carbamide peroxide which comes in different percentages: 40%, 35%, 15%, 10%

At infinity smile we have different options

  • In-office whitening with LED light: the procedure is performed with a product with a higher percentage than 35%, with short sessions of 15 minutes maximum; the color of the teeth will progressively lighten
  • Tray whitening: the procedure is performed at home
  • The syringe with the product at 16%, 10% or 7% is given to the patient according to the recommendation of the dentist, plus trays and the instructions for use.
  • Combined whitening: it is the most effective in terms of time and results and is the combination of the previous two
  • We also have non-vital whitening: it is indicated for endodontically treated teeth